Kuchh Batao Naa, Tanmay!

I’m not much into interviews, but this had to be done.

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The Twilight Firefly

Hello readers, how’re you all? Welcome to FIRRFLY presents KUCHH BATAO NAA (Season 2), an Interview Series in association with AWESOMENGERS. Today we have with usMr Tanmay Sarkar. You all must already be knowing him! 😀


Talking to him was a very beautiful experience. I would cherish this experience forever. During the interview, we discussed everything about his life, ranging from his childhood, memories, those Sanskrit exams 😹, his principles in life, relationships, his family, his fears and lots of other stuff. I just loved all of his answers. I hope you would love them tooo. So, presenting, Tanmay Sarkar! ☺

*Kuchh Batao Naa, Tanmay*


Q1. Can you tell something about yourself to our readers?

Haha, trust me, this question is one of the toughest question out there. Most people can tell you about everything: left, right center, but would stammer before telling about themselves. Well, I am not going…

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New Year | Just Another Day

Hey, are you thrilled for New Year’s Day? I am definitely sure you are, just like everyone else, and why not to be excited right?
New Year has always been a stimulating day(holiday) that every one of us looks forward to, apart from the spectacular fireworks, strident music, loud countdown, grand parties and colossal reunions, it gives us a feeling of brand new start or as we like to call it “fresh start, new beginning” or “new year, new me”.
Last night, when i was unable to read a book because of constant loud noise of crackers, it led me to believe, maybe just maybe, new year’s day is not really worth waiting for if you really wish to change or want to work on a resolution. Just like every year, some of us will blindly follow the herd and take some resolutions, which we will fail to stick to by the end of summer. Yes, to start something is definitely exciting, but it is not predictable,how that something will eventually end, and then there are many who eventually fail to follow through what they started.
Why we wait for New Year’s Day, why we need to attach a meaning to every thing? Why we wait for a particular day to change ourselves, if a change you want to occur is significant to you, you must not wait for any day. Why wait? Change today, Now!Waiting brings procrastination, failure of a perfect start, loss of motivation and ultimately it leads to another set of failed resolutions.
Definitely, New year’s eve and new year’s day is damn exciting. The fireworks, the food, reunions, parties, the excitement for midnight, everything is just so pleasing and dazzling. And after immense partying, drinking, celebration or whatever you did, you sleep and then you wake up to..wait.. Just Another Day. Sooner or later, everything will be back to normal and just like that we forget those zealously made resolutions. Why do we fail to realize that new year’s day is just another day, it is not at all an extraordinary day that helps people change. The power, the magic to change is within us. Nothing has changed, except a date. The troubles, the problems, the worries you had yesterday are still existing today, they have not vanished magically just because the year has changed. You are still You. New year’s day is a good day to look at the great possibilities ahead, and evaluate our accomplishments. One should not focus merely on such special dates but on the real course. If we set the foundation of our lives based on significant dates, we end up with limited chances to change ourselves. We must not forget that just like a new year, there’s also a new day, which happens every day, hence a new day to change. Dates are just dates, time will always remain constant, it never adapts for people.
There’s nothing wrong with a New year’s day to prompt us to change ourselves, but halfway we fall short or unwind until we forget the resolutions we took months back, and the irony is that the next time we are reminded about all this is when the same event knocks on our doors again. Waiting for one more year postpones the pursuance of your dreams.
A year is a compilation of millions of moments, and life can change in a moment, then why wait for another year, when you can change this very second.
So, remember that every new day is a new start, a daily opportunity to rectify our mistakes, recoup our lives, refine our character and start a new journey. We do have millions of opportunities, but it is finite, time is not unlimited, so use it wisely. When a better version of ourselves is at stake, wait no longer. Just do it. Period.

And just not to sound too cynical, I wish you and your family a new day, a prosperous and a bright new year. Happy or not, you decide. Enjoy! Stay blessed. 🙂